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Frequently asked questions - Parents/Teens

What happens at audition?

The audition process includes a very quick Ice-breaker session, an acting workshop, brief singing workshop and a short dance class to determine dance ability. The whole process lasts aprox one hour.


When will I know if s/he has been successful?

We appreciate this is a tense time so we try to let you know as soon as possible. You would certainly have an outcome within 3 days.



Once my child is registered with the agency, are they guaranteed work?

I am afraid not. Agencies are unable to guarantee work, as we have no idea whatsoever what work will come in from one day to the next. However we can guarantee to work hard on your behalf to find you appropriate work.


Will we get a contract?

Yes there will be a contract between yourself and Herts Talent.


What happens once my child is registered with the agency?


We will put your child forward for all assignments your child meets the criteria for. When a client contacts us to ask to meet your child for a casting or book them for a shoot, we will contact you immediately. Sometimes we might contact you beforehand if the client requests us to do so to confirm availability or clarify a specific detail. We will not contact you each and every time your child is submitted for work. It is obviously crucial that parents continuously keep the agency informed of any changes. Children's height changes all the time and should be updated to ensure your child is not put forward for roles that would be inapporriate.


What Commision does the agency charge?

15% on all bookings. Clients pay the agency and the fee is passed on to clients with the commission deducted. Payments are not made by clients immediately but we will ensure you receive your payment within 7 days of us receiving it (often much sooner).



What is Spotlight?

Does my child / teen need to be on Spotlight?

Spotlight Children and Young Performers feature profiles for children from the UK's leading agencies and theatre schools. It is the UK's definitive database of performers aged 5-20 and the best way for any young performer to promote themselves to casting opportunities. Please note they do not accept children under 5.


How can my child join?

Only children who are represented by an agent are eligible for Spotlight membership, which is why they are the casting community's most trusted database of young performers.


Your agent can arrange Spotlight membership.


How much does it cost?

Membership for a child artist is £98.00 (inc. VAT) for a whole year in Spotlight. That's less than £1.85 per week for ongoing promotion to hundreds of casting opportunities.

The agency do not make any profit on this fee - it all goes to Spotlight.


How do I know my child's details are safe?


Access to Spotlight's online database is only available to vetted industry professionals. We never print or disclose personal details for any of our members.



Triple Threat



We have a range of excellent dancers with professional experience. We can supply for all genre including Street, Hip Hop, b-boy, ballet, jazz, tap, contempary, salsa, and ballroom.



We have incredible actors of all ages from toddler to teen. We supply talent with a range of looks and the ability to play a variety of characters. Our actors are trained to follow direction from professionals appropriately.

Singers / Musicians


We can supply a range of singers and musicians of all ages. Some of the children on our books have won international singing competitions. We have children and young people with professional experience in Tv and theatre.


  • Billy Elliot
  • Matilda the Musical
  • Charlie and the chocolate factory
  • Les Mis
  • Mary Poppins
  • Sound of Music
  • Good night Mr Tom
  • Lion King
  • Priscilla Queen of the desert
  • Thriller Live


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